Nobile Emozione



cantina storica

Gattavecchi is an historical name in Montepulciano, the name of a family that for four generations has dedicated itself to the production of wine. In 1944 tragic bombing devastated the winemaking business of grandfather Vincenzo. Valente Gattavecchi, with the help of his mother Sidonia, rebuilt the business in the vinery and cellars of Simoneschi-Baroncelli, which had previously belonged to the 12th century convent of The Padri Serviti.
The Vino Nobile Gattavecchi was finally able to safely lie in an ideal, if not unique, place in which to mature.

Selected grapes from the poderi (estate farmhouses) in Argiano, Cervognano and Le Caggiole, three of the best zones for growing Prugnolo Gentile, are brought in for the making of a Vino Nobile of great standing.
In the underground grottos and caves and in the adjacent vaults of the church of Santa Maria dei Servi the wines rest for more than two years before reaching markets all over the world.


Day America 2014

Day America 2014

Palazzo Pubblico, Siena 12 October 2014

Presentation of the 2014 Collection from Volterra Werkstatt

Presentation of the 2014 Collection from Volterra Werkstatt

Teatro Persio Flacco, Volterra 18 / 19 October 2014